Policies and Core Values

Maritim Management’s HSSEQ systems begin with our Policy statements, and the core values stated within them.

It is our policy in the Company that in the conduct of our activities we take foremost account of the health and safety of all persons and always strive to safeguard the natural environment. Our Health, Safety, Security, Environmental and Quality (HSSEQ) objectives have equal status with our other primary business objectives and line management is responsible for implementing them.


Maritim Management empowers and expects, any employee to initiate a STOP & STEP BACK intervention if they consider any operation to be unsafe, inadequately planned or controlled. All Employees involved in any operation onboard the vessels are responsible for the safety of their working environment as well as the work environment of their colleagues.

It is Maritim Management AS Policy to conduct its business in a manner that assures protection of the environment. To achieve these objectives Company will comply with all relevant laws and regulations, ensure efficient use of natural resources and strive to reduce waste and thrive to minimise its environmental impact.

Through the use of these guiding principles and a solid continuous improvement system within the company we aim to secure and improve the quality of our product delivery whilst ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for our contractors, client employees.

By constantly monitoring, measuring and reviewing our operational performance, our compliance to guidelines and customer requirements we strive to exceed our customer’s expectations regarding health, safety, the environment and the quality of the product provided.